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My services start with exceptional illustrative photography incorporating cutting edge digital technology.

I offer digital retouching, compositing, layout and design services, PostScript text addition, and superior digital outputs.

Earning numerous awards for my clients, I help garner attention to their presence, projects, and skill sets.

I help facilitate your desired business growth by illustrating your work, accolades, and events at their Absolute Best!

Turnaround time is fast, usually one to three business days to receive your completed projects.

Servicing the global community for assignments, I'll travel internationally to most countries.


About George Shagawat:

"George is a very talented creative professional, whose artistic vision is unique amongst his peers. His technical background and creative sense of light and shadow, color, contrast, shape and form, make for an extraordinary combination that is always refreshing. His images capture the essence of his subjects. They convey a sense of being there... and often times more. He's a pleasure to work with too, and makes the whole process enjoyable and effortless!"    Diane Kadah/Marketing Professional


"Taking special care to understand your goals...

I work diligently to exceed your expectations in a timely manner.

My clients are extremely valuable to me and excellent customer service is my priority!

Please, reach out with any comments or questions..."


George Shagawat

Accepting assignments worldwide to most countries



"If your not having fun...

Your not doing it right!"

Ralph Clevenger - Brooks Institute



 Client list:

* Ballinger Architects and Engineers
* Boston Valley Terra Cotta
* Connell Realty & Development Co.
* David Singer AIA
* David Wilson Design
* Design Resources Group
* DF Gibson Architects
* DiCara Rubino Architects
* Draper Incorporated
* Electric Time Company
* El Taller Collaborativo, PC
* Essex County College
* Exxon Research and Engineering
* Faridy Veisz Fraytak, P.C.
* Feitlowitz & Kosten Architects
* Fisher Marantz Stone
* Fletcher Thompson Architecture
* Freudenberg Building Systems, Inc.
* Gensler
* Hemmler & Camayd Associates
* Keating Building Corporation
* Kyle VanDyke AIA
* Langan Engineering
* LSI Corporation
* Lucent Technologies
* Michael Graves & Associates
* Montalto Massa Architects, PC
* New Brunswick Development Corporation
* New Brunswick Housing Authority
* NK Architects
* RJF Fletcher Thompson
* Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
* Rothe-Johnson-Fantacone
* STV Incorporated
* TAK Construction
* Ted Moudis Associates
* The Gage Corporation
* The Thomas Group
* Thomas Associates
* Turncraft Architectural
* Turner Construction Company
* USA Architects
* V A L Floors
* Venezia & Associates
* WellBilt Steel Products
* Zander Consulting