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Tears of Joy and Pain


I cry these tears of joy and pain
Just what I'm feeling I'll try to explain
They happen often when I'm deeply moved
By a thought a vision or just feeling grooved

Epiphanies dancing inside my head
So prolific... I'm not well read!
This wisdom comes from an older place
Somewhere out there in time and space

A solid knowledge of what is good and true
Fighting like a soldier to make my way through
All the while being carried by a magnanimous force
I see San Miguel up on his mighty horse

Answers replace innocence and the journey goes on
From where comes this strength for me it's beyond
The struggles are hard but joys overwhelm
I am the captain of my ship standing steadfast at it's helm!

I keep moving forward in a positive way
And sometimes tell others what I have to say
Doing my best to stay focused on truth
Even when events seem most uncouth

© George Shagawat 2021 circa 2011